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How to write a cover letter?

Cover letter

The letter of motivation is your business card when contacting your potential employer. It is therefore important to take care of it when writing it. In the motivation letter, you must briefly and mainly summarize all the reasons why you are applying for your position, your basic prerequisites for the profession, you can also mention your expectations. Choose clear statements and especially avoid spelling mistakes.

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How does a cover letter look like?

We have already said – structure your cover letter as clearly and easily as possible. Choose clear formulations, in the shortest text you have to capture everything important. You must also take care of the prescribed range of the letter. You must not forget to mention your address as well as your employer, date, address and signature.

What should I not leave out in the motivation letter?

The main reason why you write a letter of motivation is, in particular, to provide basic information and reasons that have prompted you to apply for a particular position, also mention where you came across the job offer. Try to list all your positive working qualities, of course you must not lie.

How to write a cover letter in English?

Knowing English or another foreign language is taken for granted, so you may be asked to send a letter of motivation in English. If English is not your strength, we can offer you some useful phrases – addressing, farewell, etc.

It is very important to adhere to the formal language – do not use abbreviated forms, omit phrasal verbs as well as all colloquial expressions, nor forget the handwritten signature of the English version of the cover letter.

How to write a cover letter for Erasmus? 

Of course, all the general rules in question apply to writing a cover letter for projects similar to Erasmus. In the case of study tour letters, you need to explain in particular why and from which university you are applying for the program, in which year and in which field you study. It is very important to mention the language skills that play an important role for selection.

How can I order a cover letter?

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