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How to write a CV?

Curriculum vitae

A CV is one of your first business cards in contact with a potential employer. Therefore, you must write your CV to capture you in the best possible light. Your CV must be written on a computer, properly structured and contain all the relevant information, often sent along with a cover letter. How to write a resume is a very tricky question, so read on. We will help you to make your CV perfect both in content and form.

Not sure when writing your CV? Feel free to contact an experienced team of professional writers. They will solve the question of how to write a CV for you. All you have to do is tell us all the necessary information about your experience and qualification.

How to write a classic CV?

Classic CVs are slowly being dropped, but some companies may still require it.

The best way to start a classic resume is by introducing your person – ie. name, date of birth, permanent address, etc.

Followed by information about your educational attainment and then work experience or internships (omitting, for example, unrelated brigades).

At the end, you can devote yourself to language and other skills (eg working with different software), mention your interests and try to suggest why you are best suited to the position.

As a general rule – trying to be creative, ie. to avoid unnecessary and non-saying phrases, but nothing to exaggerate. You must forgive all familial notes, cheap jokes, and the pursuit of flowery statements.

How to write a structured CV?

This type of CV is currently the most preferred type of CV, so it is practical to get acquainted with its creation. The big advantage of a structured CV is its brevity, clarity, clarity and aptness. The difference between the two types of CVs is that we do not provide the information in the following sentences, but separate each item separately.

When it comes to building a structured CV, it is similar to the classic. To begin with, we have the most basic data, we continue with work experience, achieved education, other skills, interests and end it with a handwritten signature.

Structured resume pattern

How to write a CV in English?

The same rules apply to writing a CV in English or another language. It is important to read the text several times, it is no harm to take a dictionary and check spelling for more difficult words. Just a mistake in the spelling can knock you out of a hard-working job in strong competition.

What does CV not include?

Certainly, things are not too personal in your CV, so do not complain that you cannot find a good job anywhere. You must also avoid all lies, falsities, and self-imagination. It is important to highlight your strengths, but never say anything about yourself that you really cannot.

Who will help me with the right CV concept?

The first is to look at our general terms and conditions, and if you have a clear decision, please complete our order. We will contact you immediately and agree on the date of delivery and other details. If you have any question, do not hesitate to write us.

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