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Proofreading of professional texts


Do you have any idea how to properly stylize your professional text? Are you wasting your time and energy unnecessarily over the constant reading of the same job, so that you can overlook the error anyway? Try our cheap, fast and reliable proofreading of all kinds of texts. The portal offers an experienced team of professionals who have experience writing and correcting all professional texts. Below you will find out why grammatical and stylistic proofreading is important, where and how to order it.

The importance of proofreading

Our team will not only consider your text in terms of content, but especially with regard to its grammatical, lexical and stylistic level. When writing any text, you must first make sure what tone, to what extent and with what vocabulary to write. Especially in texts like CV or cover letter, it is very important to present yourself to take advantage of your opportunity.

If you are a college student, it is important that your submissions reflect your education and erudition. If you’re not sure that English is your strength, ask someone more experienced for help. Keep in mind that cheap grammatical and stylistic mistakes can deprive you of all the positive points and also tell the writer himself.

What we offer?

Reasonable and transparent price

You always know exactly how much and what you pay for. We do not calculate any hidden fees, etc. You always know the price of proofreading and you can also have a non-binding estimate.


Shorter texts can be repaired by our team within 24 hours. In other cases, we try to minimize proofreading time. It is also possible to agree on an extra term – if it is an emergency.

Processing to all formats

We process proofreading into your desired format, it can be a classic document in MS Word (doc) or other formats – odt., Pdf., Html., Rtf., Etc.

The complexity of the advertised services

Proofreading is done on texts of all kinds. Our team will correct any text from your work to dissertation.

Proofreading in a foreign language

If you are writing a given text in a foreign language, the question of proofreading is even more urgent. But our Portal also provides this kind of service. We will be happy to correct your text in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Slovak.

How can I order proofreading?

The first is to look at our general terms and conditions, and if you have a clear decision, please complete our order. We will contact you immediately and agree on the date of delivery and other details.