Which foreign languages must be offered to the American students?

Most Americans have developed a culture of learning foreign languages during their university education.

However, the uptake of foreign language in America is still not as high as it is in Europe. Perhaps Europeans are more serious when taking foreign languages due to their rich cultural diversity. They understand that it is the only way to communicate with each other, which is why most Europeans are very fluent in at least one foreign language. Americans would benefit if they could take foreign language more seriously even if America’s population is majorly made up of English speakers. Learning a second language prepares students to work in any location or company, increasing their chances of getting good jobs upon graduation. It also allows them to network with others for more opportunities that they might never have known of without such interactions. A foreign language unlocks the door that has, for a long time, limited American’s to only working with local companies or in English speaking nations. Here are some of the languages you should learn as a student:


This is one of the main languages that Americans should learn since America shares its borders with Mexico. As you already know, Mexicans mostly speak the Spanish language. However, the beauty of learning this language is not just so that you can interact with Mexicans. You will also be http://edmoise.sites.clemson.edu/TermPaper.html able to talk to Argentines and Spaniards since Spanish is a local dialect in Argentina and Spain.


This is one of the most popular languages taught to students all around the world. As a result, you are highly likely to interact with other nationalities that speak this language. French is mostly learnt because it is associated with culture, beauty, and romance. Also, Paris seems to be in the bucket list of most travelers from America. It would be amazing if you traveled to Paris and interacted with locals in their local dialect. You would enjoy your journey more.


Like French, the Italian language is considered to be very romantic. In fact, most of those who learn it do so for this reason. It makes you more attractive as people tend to admire anyone who can speak the language fluently. Americans should also learn the language to accommodate the large community of Italians living in the US. In fact, the Italian culture is so popular that their foods, including pizza, have been incorporated into the American culture. American students should learn this language to understand more about its rich culture.


The language is spoken in three major European economic powers. These include Germany, Australia, and Switzerland. Most students always wish to visit these countries as they offer better job opportunities. Therefore, understanding the German language is something you will need to consider to integrate better with the locals. An advantage is that most English-Speaking students might find it easier to study German than Italian or Spanish. It is also worth noting that German, other than English, is the most popular language used by science communities. This should give you more reason to study it since it seems to be a business language.

These are but a few of the most important languages that students should consider learning in college. It will make education fun and increase their chances of enjoying the best that the world has in store. They will travel, interact, and get better jobs through their comprehension of these languages.